Re: [OFF-TOPIC] Circle Under Windows (was Re: NEWBIE)

From: Baktor Silvanti (
Date: 11/30/98

mmars wrote:
> Correct me if i am wrong, but UNIX is the only OS that comes close to
>true multitasking, as well as WinNT.. correct??  Does the mud run faster/better
>with out as much lag under a multitasking OS as opposed to DOS or Windows 95/98?
>I've used Cygnus' GNU


I'm curious why multitasking is even mentioned here.  The post mmars
replied to didn't mention multitasking
and quite frankly, I don't see why it's an issue.  I've run a mud on
win95 for over a year now.  I've got a
old 486dx 100 with 94meg of ram.  The machine is old, yes, but it
handles a daily peak of 60 mud users a day.
Out of those users, I've only gotten a few postings about the system
being slow.  Granted it's not using a modem, but then why would it since
it's at my office (local isp company).  It does suck up alot of
resources, and yes, doesn't come close to what a typical *nix system can
do...but it serves it's perpose quite well.  With a few basic
modifications you can get everything to work quite reliabily.  My mud
stays up on average of 8-9 days.  Most of the reboots however are me
giving in to the users complaining about the good gear being gone :P.

Oh well.  Maybe my post doesn't say all that much, but As mentioned
elsewhere, win95 makes a perfect private site or personal use site.  I
just don't see why ppl bash (pun not intended) win95 so much.

Baktor Silvanti

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