Naming objects was: [CODE] Restringing objects...

From: JonB (
Date: 12/02/98

>>   Well actually, I was coding this as these e-mails were coming in.  I
>>only allowed for the restring of the obj->short_description variable. The
>>new name is also added to the end of obj->name variable so the char could
>>use the new name to interact with the item.
>My personal idea I just got (and plan to implement) would be to make it so
>people could take a generic item, like "a dagger", and have it "engraved"
>to have a new name, so I could name my dagger "SuperBanana" if I wanted to.
> A flag would be on the object to determine that it CAN be engraved, and
>once it's been engraved the flag would be removed.

  Another cool idea I implemented was to allow a player to give an item a
custom alias.  They would not 'restring' the iter per say, and would not
erase the original obj_proto aliases, but rather would add a word or to the
the end of the alias list.  This comes in real handy for those characters
that have a lot of eq.  They can have 3 of the exact same bags, and 'name'
each one different.  Like instead of typing 'get dagger 2.bag' they could
name it evil and type 'get dagger evil'.  That way the order of the bag in
inventory doesnt matter either. :)
  I implemented this the same way as restrings, but it's a free mortal
command and they only add a word or to to the alias list(obj->name).  Then
if they name it again, the obj_proto alias's are restored and the new name
is added to the list(the old custom aliases are erased). hat whay if they
give the item to someone else, the new player can change the custom
aliases. :)
  Then change the obj_file_elem, make a converter if you need, and your
good to go.

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