From: Rick Glover (
Date: 12/02/98

Take a look at db.c: reset_zone(): case 'D'.

It does one door in one room at a time.  You could change this code so that
it performs the action to both rooms, but it currently only does one room at
a time.


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From: Todd A Laycock <>
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Date: Wednesday, December 02, 1998 7:01 AM
Subject:  [NEWBIE]

>It seems every zone I make that has doors in it, I can set them to close
>in the zone files, but I have to close the door on both sides, for the mud
>to open it in both rooms when someone opens the door from one.
>I looked in act.movement.c where the door handling is done, and see that
>the doors are toggled open to closed  or vice versa.  I'm not entirely
>sure why it isn't just set open when the person opens the door in one room
>so that you save yourself some trouble editting zone files.

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