From: Todd A Laycock (tlayco1@uic.edu)
Date: 12/02/98

I've been playing around with the 3.0bpl14 code, and I'm wondering about

It seems every zone I make that has doors in it, I can set them to close
in the zone files, but I have to close the door on both sides, for the mud
to open it in both rooms when someone opens the door from one.

I looked in act.movement.c where the door handling is done, and see that
the doors are toggled open to closed  or vice versa.  I'm not entirely
sure why it isn't just set open when the person opens the door in one room
so that you save yourself some trouble editting zone files.

Can anyone tell me?

Todd A. Laycock

PS this is my first post to the list, so please forgive me if something's
wrong with how it goes through.

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