Object File Idea

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@pacific101.com)
Date: 12/02/98

Is there any reason why a person couldn't make the rent file store all the
info on an object that has changed, by using a flag to store the difference?


  bitvector_t changed_flags;

#define OBJCHG_FLAGGED ...

  if (IS_SET(<object-flag-info-from-rent-file>, OBJCHG_SHORT_DESC)) {
    ...load shortdesc string...

Would this actually save disk space, or is the binary-ness of the file
going to make it serve no point?
I think I'm going to go to my own ASCII pfiles/rent system soon, but I'm
trying all I can to avoid actually having to do it.


Oh, here's an idea you can use in your MUD (that I've implemented):

Go and add:

int special_data;

to struct affected_type and its duplicate if you are using a different one
for pfile info.

In you spells, initialize this to zero, unless you want it to do something.

This little number can be used for all sorts of things in different spells.
 I have a "shell" spell that will put in the number as the caster's hp, and
the shell can absorb that much damage in combat.  Many other possibilities.

-B. (again)

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