Re: Things maybe

From: George (
Date: 12/18/98

On Fri, 18 Dec 1998, Mark A. Heilpern wrote:

>>Hedit (mentioned above, with ability to level-restrict helps).
>>social-edit OLC style (do these things really need to be hard-coded
>Aedit, which should also (IMHO) be a part of OLC.
>>MPedit Mobprog editor, olc style.
>This is already in Oasis; assuming Oasis is at least a part of an included
>OLC package, we're golden.

I'm going to keep OasisOLC with what it has now (adding only tedit) and let
Tony Robbins release his OLC+ package with all the extra goodies.  OasisOLC
will have MobProg and DG Script support though.  Um, I'm thinking sometime
in January for the release of v1.7, which I'm waiting for bpl15 to do.
Probably also make pre-patched versions of the server available.

George Greer

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