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Date: 12/18/98

its circle you want to transfer?
well if you have winzip on the win95/98 one then span it to disks in .gz

Phillip A Ames wrote:
> Heya all, I finally got the chance to install Linux on my spare comp(Had
> to wait for my brother to come back from college with the CD's).  Anyway,
> I'm interested in converting my MUD from Windows to Linux, and I know
> it's been discussed thousands of times before, but I'm going to
> (hopefully) reduce the number of times its asked in the future by writing
> a guide.  However, I've hit a snag.  Having rarely used Linux(I know the
> _bare_ minimum :)) I don't know how to fire up a modem connection to my
> ISP so I can FTP the MUD files from my main computer to the second(I know
> of no better way).  Anyone out there have anything they'd like to
> contribute to the guide, and any Linux Guru's out there want to help me
> configure the ISP connection?  Thanks,
> -Phillip
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