From: Søren P. Skou (
Date: 01/08/99

Hi all.. :)

I'm currently revamping the do_consider command to something a bit more
exciting. Instead of just looking at level, I decided that a little more
needed to be compared, and this is what I came up with:

Level (Level of Opponent and Level of myself)
%ac, As in -100 being 100% (100-GET_AC(ch))/2 was the formula.
Damage (This is giving some difficulties, should only hand_to_hand
damage be compared? or)
Hitpoints, (Mobs get their HP's divided by 10, anyone with a better

All this is taken from victim (opponent) and char (myself), added up so
you get a total_char, then divide total_char by myself and time it by
100 to get in % how much the char is compared to the opponent. This then
will print a message to the person.

All this is definately no problem. (cept' you very rarely will hit 100%
or 0%, but that's another matter.. :) But How could I go around do the
thing with damage, since BarehandDAmage is calculated in one way, and
Weapon damage in another. (E.g. A mob with no weapon has hitdices to
play with, whereas the Player (PC) only have a damage of 1 without
weapon (Purhaps something else that I can't remember right now, is
playing around...)  any ideas for this one?

hm.. what am I really asking here.. yes, what would be fair to compare
the players against the mob on (Besides the things I've gotten here)


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