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From: Del Minturn (
Date: 01/08/99

> fredag, 8. januar 1999, you wrote:
> SPS> Level (Level of Opponent and Level of myself)
> SPS> %ac, As in -100 being 100% (100-GET_AC(ch))/2 was the formula.
> SPS> Damage (This is giving some difficulties, should only hand_to_hand
> SPS> damage be compared? or)
> SPS> Hitpoints, (Mobs get their HP's divided by 10, anyone with a better
> SPS> method??)
> Why not make it simulate the combat fast? something like..
> If you look at the players and monsters hps, thier ac, and thier
> attacks (and each attacks thaco) - you should be able to figure out
> how many rounds of combat the fight will take, and who would win.
> Why compare monsters ac to players ac, instead compare how much damage
> they will do to each other each round, with thier hps as modifyer.
> Should give you better results.
> Remember to modify the monsters / players hps, if they are clerics,
> and lower the victims hps if they are mages. Other classes need
> similar changing .. warriors for kick, etc. But remember clerics
> healing should depend on how many rounds of combat his going to live
> in too.

I would also make considerations for those who have modified things like
"Number of attacks", spells like sanctuary, any spells that would
increase/decrease damage.
I know you can not account for everything, but atleast provide hint's or
clues as to how to add in thier variables.
(my 2 dimes worth)

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