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From: Lasse L. Cederstrom (
Date: 01/08/99

Hello Søren,

fredag, 8. januar 1999, you wrote:

SPS> Level (Level of Opponent and Level of myself)
SPS> %ac, As in -100 being 100% (100-GET_AC(ch))/2 was the formula.
SPS> Damage (This is giving some difficulties, should only hand_to_hand
SPS> damage be compared? or)
SPS> Hitpoints, (Mobs get their HP's divided by 10, anyone with a better
SPS> method??)

Why not make it simulate the combat fast? something like..

If you look at the players and monsters hps, thier ac, and thier
attacks (and each attacks thaco) - you should be able to figure out
how many rounds of combat the fight will take, and who would win.

Why compare monsters ac to players ac, instead compare how much damage
they will do to each other each round, with thier hps as modifyer.
Should give you better results.

Remember to modify the monsters / players hps, if they are clerics,
and lower the victims hps if they are mages. Other classes need
similar changing .. warriors for kick, etc. But remember clerics
healing should depend on how many rounds of combat his going to live
in too.

Best of luck in making a good consider :)

Best regards,

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