Re: [WIN95] [Newbie]Windows logs

From: George (
Date: 01/08/99

On Fri, 8 Jan 1999, Kimberley & Alain Amyotte wrote:

>I have spent the last several days pouring over the mai list archives as
>well as the snippets and a couple of my old text books on C, and I still
>have the same problem.
>I am running the circle 98 source on the ftp site, but i cann't seem to
>get the logs for windows working. I have tried and retried the snippets as
>well as the patch, but to no avail.  All that i can get is the screen

Try a newer version.


 * What file to log messages to (ex: "log/syslog").  Setting this to NULL
 * means you want to log to stderr, which was the default in earlier
 * versions of Circle.  If you specify a file, you don't get messages to
 * the screen. (Hint: Try 'tail -f' if you have a UNIX machine.)
const char *LOGNAME = NULL;
/* const char *LOGNAME = "log/syslog";  -- useful for Windows users */

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