Re: [CODE] Rnums/Vnums

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/19/99

> >Is this correct? Also, how would I go about eliminating prototypes from my
> >MUD? I want to be able to save objects/NPCs, so I was after a system whereby
> >if you want fifty loaves of bread, you have to actually create 50. I know
> >this will take up more room in the object/mob files, but at least I can save
> >object attributes etc.
> Which means all 50 objects' strings will take up memory instead of the
> shared copy currently kept.  Everyone already has a copy of the basic
> numbers and in the rent files.
        The elimination of prototypes would cause a bit of memory usage..
Why don't you simply use prototypes and only use extra memory to set the
strings when the object strings need changing. Course, you'll have to make
your rent files save it. As for the other parts of the object structures,
they already save in the rent files.

        Though it is buggy, you can check out the xapobj patches to get an
idea of what you could do - in this case, expanding rent files to allow
for strings saving (and conversion to ascii rent files instead of binary)


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