Re: Character "Vehicles"

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/22/99

> Hello.
> I have created a vehicle code spawned off of dak's Mount Code, and i was
> wondering...
> How would you let characters keep vehicles through quitting? Could you
> possibly have them automatically load a mob when they enter the game?
> How exactly do you think this should be done. Opinions and code are
> welcome.

How about this easy way  (at least, you don't have to alter any saving code):

        Make vehicles objects.  Give them a specific object flag.
        Disallow picking up (same as notake).  However, transfer it to
their inventory when they they take possesion of it - using mount or the
        Do not include it in inventory listings.
        Assume entrance/mount/etc of the item upon load.

        You may want to make obj/mob files for loading up particular stats
for the actual values conferred from each vehicle.  Or maybe not. I guess
it depends on how configureable you want to make it.


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