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From: Richard Glover (
Date: 01/22/99

Sorry, I meant the CVS stuff (bpl15 is not out officially) located at:


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From: Richard Glover <magik@THEGRID.NET>
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Date: Friday, January 22, 1999 3:43 PM
Subject:  Get/Put Survey

>I just want to see how many people get the same error that I do.  Use the
>stock CircleMUD30bpl15 compile and run it then load up some objects and a
>bag.  Then, with the objects in your inventory (duh :P), type:
>put x in bag
>get x from bag
>Replace x with whatever objects you loaded and make sure to use the 'in'
>'from'.  It always crashes on my machine(s) because of the half_chop().
>George doesn't have the same problem and is using the same code.  I'm
>wondering if it is machine specific (or user specific :P), so please report
>your findings and the machine/os you are on.
>Thanks in advance,

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