Re: Character "Vehicles"

From: Nick Stout (
Date: 01/22/99

Actually, i was thinking more on the lines of...
"Mob loads with player, player forced to drive." So, player loaded in
It's slightly difficult to transfer the mob vehicles to objects, unless
you know a way i could do this with ease. I know i'd have to switch some
of the structures around from char_file_u to obj_elem or somethin wacky
like that.
But... it's a possibility.
Also, I wouldn't mind making these "vehicles" so you can mount things
such as weapons on them. You think this would be better for objects? I'm
really not sure it would. It's easier for the mob to hold you, defend
you, and fire a machine gun or something in it's inventory.
Just a thought.
-CyberMan's got dibs on the CircleMUD Mech Code. =)

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