Re: [Code] A couple things please

From: Xual (
Date: 02/02/99

On Tue, 19 Jan 1999, Jon Knapp wrote:

> Ok, I have a couple things.
> 1)  Ok , I am using circle30bpl14 with oasis olc with dgscritps.  I have no
> prbs wiht it except.  When I try to build a house for someone.  It never
> recognized the player name.  Not even mine.  Any help would be greatly
> appr'ed.

I also use circle30bpl14 with OasisOLC with DG Scripts, and have no
problems with the hcontrol command.  If you haven't played with the house
code, then make sure your syntax is correct.

> 2)  Can someone suggest a good forge snippet?

Check out act.create.c on the ftp site.

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