Re: [CODE][NEWBIE] I'm setting up my mud and...

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 02/04/99

Chris Egner wrote:
> I'm setting up my mud and I want to create my own version of the Newbie are,
> does anyone know were to define the location of the newbie area?

#1 - you mean area right?

#2 - define? you mean build right?

     - well you're either gonna want to edit the world files using
       'ye olde text editor' see building.txt (it came with the code)
       or get OLC (OnLine Creation) which is prolly what you are
       alluding to.
       OLC is available in a number of flavours, well two really, Oasis
       and Obuild. Take a look at the circlemud ftp site, or the mailing
       list archive for these two. The README's should give you
some           idea of what they're on about.

#3 -   see how the other zones are put together, and see how they are
       balanced to the game system. Newbie areas are very important, or
       at least I think so, as they're the first port of call for 90% of
       new players.

#4 -   This is just a tip, be more specific in future when you mail to
       the list, some people will just delete newbie messages if they
       are lil cryptic.

 I hope this is more or less what you want to hear. If not mail again =)

-> Ben

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