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From: Xual (
Date: 02/06/99

On Sat, 6 Feb 1999, Alaron wrote:

> Does anybody out there have an alternate way to set skills to classes?
> i.e. I quest a mortal and he passes so I give the Human Warrior a Fireball
> spell?
> Thanks
> Alaron

I've been planning on doing something similar myself, it's just not been
at the top of my priorities lately.  Basically, you want to make a
spec_proc for your questmasters to set the skill to anything over 0.
They'll then be able to use the skill, but you'll have to change
list_skills() as well, to make it display all the skills a player knows,
not just the ones he's supposed to know.  Search your code for GET_SKILL
and SET_SKILL to see how it works.

Alternatively, if you use a scripting system (such as DG Scripts or
mobprogs) you could make a mob only command to do the same thing.  This
would make it easier if you plan to have a lot of mobs teaching,
especially if you only want them to teach certain skills.  The script
could make the checks, thereby eliminating massive arrays or case

Now that you have me thinking about this, I think I'm going to get busy on
it ;)

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