[CODE] Broken pipe

From: Andrew Ritchie (object@alphalink.com.au)
Date: 02/26/99

I have a small problem with my MUD at the moment, and I hope someone can
shed some light on it for me.

First of all, my MUD has been created by myself from the ground up, and
whilst it bears some resemblance to Circle/Diku, most of it is quite
different. That may make the problem harder to diagnose, but I'll try anyway.

Basically what happens is that if a connected descriptor drops the
connection at their end (ie types '^]' and 'close' in linux's telnet
program) the server spits out a "Broken pipe" error and crashes.

However, this does not happen at the login prompt. It only happens if they
are in another menu, an account menu on my MUD. All I have for detecting
disconnections at the moment is a timeout system, where if the server
doesn't recieve any input from the user in 15 seconds whilst in the menus it
closes the connection.

Should I have another system for detecting disconnections as well? Is there
any way around this "Broken pipe" problem? Thanks for your time,


Andrew Ritchie,

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