Re: [CODE] Broken pipe

From: Acido (
Date: 02/25/99

At 01:24 PM 2/26/99 +0000, you wrote:
>I have a small problem with my MUD at the moment, and I hope someone can
>shed some light on it for me.
>First of all, my MUD has been created by myself from the ground up, and
>whilst it bears some resemblance to Circle/Diku, most of it is quite
>different. That may make the problem harder to diagnose, but I'll try anyway.
>Basically what happens is that if a connected descriptor drops the
>connection at their end (ie types '^]' and 'close' in linux's telnet
>program) the server spits out a "Broken pipe" error and crashes.
>However, this does not happen at the login prompt. It only happens if they
>are in another menu, an account menu on my MUD. All I have for detecting
>disconnections at the moment is a timeout system, where if the server
>doesn't recieve any input from the user in 15 seconds whilst in the menus it
>closes the connection.
>Should I have another system for detecting disconnections as well? Is there
>any way around this "Broken pipe" problem? Thanks for your time,
>Andrew Ritchie,

Well if your using something older than bpl14 you should propably
check the bpl14 patch for the CON_DISCONNECT stuff i think
it would solve your problem!

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