Re: why does my mud keep crashing every tick?

From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 02/28/99

There is one thing you can do to check what ports are free, and that is

  Netstat --inet

With all lowercase chars (damn word).
Look on the address printout, there you see all connections/ports in use by
the server, just check if you can find your port there...

And if you want to search after another mud or anything on your server just
type pa aux | more and read the printout see if you can find any.

But i still og for netstat as the easiest way to debug your ports :)

And you should allso check out your config.c and see if ou are binding to
the right ip address, do the server have several ips bound to its network?
That is probably what you need to check.

Good Luck!!!

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