why does my mud keep crashing every tick?

From: Adrian (tdowling@dsport.com)
Date: 02/27/99

I have a serious problem: My mud crashes ever tick after a player comes in...
here's what I get in the syslogs:

in syslog.3:
Feb 27 18:38:14 :: Opening mother connection.
Feb 27 18:38:14 :: Binding to all IP interfaces on this host.
SYSERR: bind: Address already in use

autoscript killed Sat Feb 27 18:39:16 EST 1999

I would like to know what's happeneing to my mud... and as for technical info:
It's on a UNIX shell, mostly stock has OLC, and a few other snippets that I
have added (no original code). since I have added quite a bit of snippets,
I would like to save myself the trouble of loading in new code, so please
don't tell me 'Oh well, you're screwed! start over from scratch' or



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