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From: Jeffrey Margolis (
Date: 03/20/99

In a message dated 3/20/99 8:55:51 PM Eastern Standard Time,

> I am looking to move to an ASCII mail system complete with the ability
>  to mail objects.  If anyone knows of a patch or a way to please point me
>  to it.
>  Randell H.
If i am not mistaken the mail system implemented in stock circle is already in
ASCII form.  if you will check, it is stored in the file lib/etc/plrmail, not
in a binary file.
(I think that is what he was talking about)

As for adding in the ability to mail objects, there is a patch on the ftp site
for that:

I hope i was some help.


A.K.A. Elron
Implementor ExplorerMud

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