AutoNotification Problems

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 03/26/99

Hello...I'm having problems with a bit of code I thought about.  It's
based on "email_reg" (a snippet at and what it
does (or is meant to) is send a simple email message to a certain address
saying the mud rebooted.  I figured, once I got this part working, I can
add times etc later...

I've set it up such that the subject of the email is defined as:
char *system_subject = "\"Whatever System Information\"";
and the body is in the same format (char *system_body)...
Other defines were: char filename[128]; and char *email1 = "whatever";

The code I placed in comm.c just after the "Player Limit" is set.  This
was achieved
      sprintf(buf, "%s", system_body);
      sprintf(filename, "system_info");
      sprintf(buf, "elm -s %s %s < %s", system_subject, email1, filename);
      sprintf(buf, "rm %s", filename);

The code compiles fine, the mud boots, but I receive no email.  (and yes I
have a valid email address where "whatever" is :))

I remember seeing somewhere an equivalent to elm (using "mail"), but with
different syntax...can anyone see what's wrong with the elm function, and
failing that, direct me to the mailx equivalent?


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