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From: Raf (
Date: 03/30/99

On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, Deltanet wrote:

> Maybe this has been discussed, I haven't seen it.
> Adding in the zone file(zedit.c) a field called ZONE STATUS
> This field would only have two options.  OPEN/CLOSED

We have this feature added to our mud, but use zone flags rather,
and so we can add up to 32 bitvectors for the zone 'status'. At the
moment we only have open and closed though :)

What you need to do is add this variable to the zone struct, as a bool if
you want to do an on/off type thing, or as a long if you're going to use
the flag type approach. You then need to edit db.c and find somewhere
in the zone file where you can add the code to parse this new flag/status.

If you use OLC, then you also need to add some code so that you can
toggle this or add flags online.

If you don't want to go to the bother of changing your zone file format,
you can also write some code to loop through all the rooms of the zone,
and see if it is linked to another zone. If it is linked to another zone,
then its relatively safe to presume that the area is open. This will not
work if your areas use 2 or more zones each (eg if theres 200 rooms).

I remember seeing a patch on the FTP site called areas.tar.gz or something
like that, which adds an open/closed flag, a minlevel-maxlevel variable,
and support for it in Oasis. If you're too lazy, you can always use this :)


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