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From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 03/30/99

Readme file:
This patch adds in a few things that players and immortals alike may find very
useful. Using OasisOLC, you will now be able to list areas as open or closed,
and have certain ranking immortals be able to approve (*open*) a zone (*area

Also, there is a new command, areas. This shows the areas in a pagestring'd
format such as:
 Limbo - Internal               (0 to 0) Closed.
 God Simplex                    (10 to 30) Open.
 The Old Keep [Ar]              (0 to 0) Closed.
 Northern Midgaard Main City    (0 to 0) Closed.
 Newbie Zone                    (0 to 0) Closed.

Players will be able to know where to go based on what lvl they are and what
lvl the area is as well.

Just finished this off, so bon appetit! Oh, and any problems please email
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B. Brown
Webmaster, CircleMUD WTFaq

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