From: Deltanet (abram@deltanet.com)
Date: 03/30/99

Maybe this has been discussed, I haven't seen it.
Adding in the zone file(zedit.c) a field called ZONE STATUS
This field would only have two options.  OPEN/CLOSED

The reason I was thinking of this was specifically for the
spell 'Portal'.  I want to keeping players from portalling
to a closed zone.  Rather than using the ROOM_FLAG and giving
each room a ANTI_PORTAL flag(which I have done, and is great
for new zones that are being built, but for old ones it is
rather time consuming) I figured something that covers the
entire zone with one change would be more effective.

I haven't done much in the zedit.c...actually nothing, I followed
the code for LIFESPAN and was wondering if adding something new is as
simple as following the field LIFESPAN.

Also, I know I could get this working, give me the time.  However, if
someone has added something to zedit.c before and is willing to offer
any suggestions to my approach on this or even a patch(hehe)
I prefer to borrow your wisdom than trying to reinvent the wheel.

Abram - Legends of Blades and Magic

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