Re: [IDEA]

From: Benjamin Draper (
Date: 03/31/99

Deltanet wrote:
> Maybe this has been discussed, I haven't seen it.
> Adding in the zone file(zedit.c) a field called ZONE STATUS
> This field would only have two options.  OPEN/CLOSED

  Why stop at 2 options? Why not have zone flags? Just a simple
copy of the room flag code, and you can set all sorts of things.
We're using a 'CLOSED' zone flag which stops all non-immortals from
entering it, and this flag is also set on any objects and mobiles that
are created, thus stopping normal players handing them or attacking
  We've also got !PORTAL, !RECALL and !TELEPORT flags, an ARENA zone
flag, and a CLAN zone flag which designates the zone as set aside for
clan construction for our clan olc.
  I think they're useful, although some could argue that I'm just
mimicing the affects of some room flags.

-> Ben

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