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From: Sean Daley (
Date: 03/31/99

>        Screw this, I'm just going to get my degree and stop dealing with
>professors who try to teach in Ada, Fortran, SML, and basically, any
>language that hasn't been used since we switched from vaccuum tubes.
For the first 3 years I was at my school, the only language they taught
was Pascal.  Not a bad language mind you, but I had no interest in
taking a class in it.  They finally offered C++ my senior year and I
took it.  Here's the breakdown of what we did though.  1) give an
assignment to the class, give them 2 weeks to finish it. 2) me, go
to lab 30 minutes before class, do assignment (takes 5 minutes).  Spend
other 25 minutes fixing everyone else' program.  It wasn't a very taxing
class.  I've learned a hell of a lot on my own then I ever did in school.

>        I've only got two ideas, and neither is ideal; find some way to
>make zmud not recoginize incoming strings (insert invis meta-chars
>inbetween letters in a word?) - this would paralyze most of the clients
>usefulness.  Else, make a mud client myself, and perhaps offer in-mud
>bonuses to people who connect with said client (advantage to hit/damage,
>maybe have a rumor mill/hint tip line, perhaps auto-id of items that
>they've already id'ed, etc).  I guess this would be the more uhm..
>professional approach, but I'd be curious as to how this would measure up
>compared to longstanding clients.
>                                                        PjD
As to finding a way to disable clients and implementing it, well, I believe
that will cause you more harm than good.  You'll probably have a major
backlash from people that use clients.
Now as to writing your own.  You need to ask yourself why these people aren't
using a client already.  Is it that they just don't know which ones to use or
how to get one, they don't want to spend the $ for the semi-commercial ones
like zmud, or just don't have any interest in using one.

If they don't know which ones to use or how to get it, just point out to them
the choices they have and tell them how to get it (you'll have to do the
part anyway if you write your own).  If they don't want to spend the $,
point out
the free options they have with windows.  Writing your own client will
only stimulate those that don't have an interest in using one, especially
if you
give them bonuses for connecting to your mud with it.  There are probably some
other options that I missed, but hopefully you get the picture.

And I had more to say, but I just got an issue at work, so they pay me well
I better handle it :)
To finish off, just make sure if you decide to write your own client, you're
doing it for the right reasons.


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