Re: [IDEA]

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 03/31/99

> > You're downloading in ASCII mode.  Don't do that.
> >
        Read this part again.
> Hmm,
> I have used winzip, and Zip98 both programs are reporting to me that the
> zip file is corrupt or
> something of that nature.  I realize there is a chance that Its me,
> however, I have used
> winzip for years and have actually downloaded my share of files from
> circlemud.  I still cannot
> open the file.

        Try using ftp software (not netscape or explorer or anything of
the sort) to download it.  Make sure you have it set to 'binary mode
transfer' (how to set that varies per client).  I just tried with netscape
and recieved the same error. Then I used ftp and it worked peachy keen.

        If you're hell-bent on using netscape, hold down the left shift
button when you click on the link.  For explorer, right click on the link
and choose 'save target as'.  Make sure that you're saving them as tar.gz
files and not file_tar.gz as was said earlier.


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