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Date: 04/03/99

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> Thank you James for your help, now I am getting somewhere.  I typed:
> BASH ./configure
> at the BASH prompt and it ran configure, checking everything, then tried
> creating ./config.status where I got the error:
> ./configure: /bin/sh: No such file of directory

 bash ./config.status

will get it to finish making the makefile and conf.h
then you "cd src" then type make

i had the same prob when i first used cygwin and its how i fixed it then

now after using it a bit and reading the docs in cygwin

mkdir -p /bin

you can also use windows to make the directory c:\bin

then using windows copy the file sh.exe
from the c:\cygnus\cygwin-d20\h-i586-cygwin32\bin  directory
to c:\bin

and that should do it

also it says make  the directory    c:\tmp     i believe

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