Re: What I want to do! (or similar);obcircle Xual's mud plus some..

From: Bill Long (
Date: 04/06/99

boy. your about a disrespectful little buttface arent you?

if you are going to ask people to write your code for you, at least have
the courtesy to NOT be a spoiled little brat about it when they submit
things you werent looking for.  also, why does the WHOLE list need to
know that that wasnt a response you were looking for? why? come on
buddy. grow up or go somewhere else.

Albert Brauneis wrote:
> Again another response that I wasn't looking for.
> Albert
> << GET_NAME(FIGHTING(ch)) = gets the name of whoever ch is fighting.
>  *Look* at the code would you?
>   >>
i stopped by xuals mud yesterday. its pretty cool. you guys should go
check it out. i really liked his character creation sequence.  he also
employed what i like to call moderate and interesting use of color.  i
was quite impressed.  after talking to him for a bit, it came out that
he too, is a sole coder for a mud.
i REALLY would like to get a bunch of us SOLE coders together and make a
mud. the most KICKASS mud.  i think it would be great. we could swap
ideas, get it figured out what we wanted to do. then tear into it. i'd
bet we could have a good mud up and running in 6 months.

anybody up for it?? i'll provide the server space and accounts. i have a
big enough pipe and all that rot.

what do you think??
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