Re: [CODE] Players Getting Cut Off!

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 04/09/99

> I have players that seem to time out and sometimes even get cut off in the
> middle of the action.
> SYSERR: Perform_socket_read: about to lose connection: No such file or
> directory.
> This is what comes up then it says "Losing descriptor without char", now on
> the players side (and this never happens when logged on from the server
> machine)
> the client says that the connected was reset by remote host.
> I have written about this 3 times now, and have gotten NO responses.

        We're not 24-hour paid support or anything.  Many times if you
don't get a response its because either we don't know the answer, or your
question is one that is answered previously in another source (faq, etc).
Sometimes, people won't answer just because they don't like the attitude
of the person posting.  Usually though, people get tired of saying things
like 'You haven't given us even close to enough information to even
attempt to guess what your problem is.'

        To answer your question though, that is usually called when you
attempt to send too much information to a character - at least more
info than their connection can take.  The mud recieves an error saying
that the socket is no longer writable, and it closes it on the next pass.
Try minimizing the amount of text you send to a character in one burst
(use page_string instead of send_char for large strings).  If you have an
immortal doing something stupid like 'where sword' or 'where gold' and
there's no buffering, they'll probably get blown off.


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