Newbies to the list read this.

From: Anthony Benjamin (
Date: 04/17/99

To avoid many of the flames that have going around today, there are
several things you should do before posting to the list.

#1. Read the Frequently Asked Questions for the list at

#2. Read the WtFaq for the list at

#3. Search the archives at:

#4. Ask the Newbie list, (Yes there is a list that answers a lot of
newbie-type questions, it has helped me alot in the past).

#5. Look at your code again, make sure you aren't missing something.
Many times going through your code again will show you your error.

#6. Check out some of Mr.Greer's help links at

#7. Finally at your whits end, post to this list.

Hopefully this will help avoid some of the repeats of the past, and give
you more options for help.

anthony - newbie coder and enlightener of the masses

"Yep, I read the FAQ"
"Yep, I liked the WtFaq"
"Yep, I am waiting for the next update to Mr. Greer's site"

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