[STRANGE]: Clan Patch

From: Ryan Kahn (padishar@bellsouth.net)
Date: 04/17/99

Okay I finished adding the clan patch. I set up the clan directory. I
Wow. Everything is clean.. (So I foolishly think)
Okay.. I reboot the mud.
It boots. YES!
I type clan.
The command works.
Okay.. NOW the problem occurs.

I type:
clan edit 1
I see the edit screen for about half a second and then I get dropped
from the game.
Hm.. It doesn't crash the mud it just drops me!
Has anyone experienced this? It happens to anyone else who tries the
command as well. Heh.. Please help <begs and hopes he isnt TOO annoying>

-- Ryan
Ryan Kahn (Scythe, Padishar)
Head Implementor
The Demon's Grasp port 6666

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