Re: [STRANGE]: Clan Patch

From: Ryan Kahn (
Date: 04/22/99

It works fine now:) It just took a little.. Work. The CON_DISCONNECT
was the problem. I wish they just put that in the structs.h where it
Oh well. (I moved it.. hehe)
It is worth it if ya want clans.  Just be prepared to spend about 45
minutes to an hour hand patching 9-10 .rej files:) Oh well.. cya

Michael Cunningham wrote:

> Hmm how broken is it? Is it worth installing? are there any other
> working clan patches out there beside the single one on the ftp site?

Ryan Kahn (Scythe, Padishar)
Head Implementor
The Demon's Grasp port 6666

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