CODE: 128 bit conversion and MOB/AFF Flags

From: Robert Moon (
Date: 04/22/99

After having successfully installed stock code p15 and the Niese-Petersen
128 bit conversion patch (hand patched), I have run into a problem with all
my MOBs' affect (AFF_xxx) flags.  I believe the problem is due to the
addition of:
   "\0",   /* DO NOT CHANGE OR REMOVE!!!!! */
in front of
in "const char *affected_bits[] =" in constants.c.  While all the players'
affect flags are correct, all the MOBs have each of their affect flags
shifted by one letter.  Example:  The MOB "Jupiter" is designated in the
120.mob file as having affect flags of "dhkp".  That is supposed to set the
DETECT-INVIS, SANCTUARY, INFARED, and !TRACK flags.  But when Jupiter is
STATted in the game, he is listed as having DETECT-ALIGN, WATWALK, CURSE,
and SLEEP (which are the "cgjo" flags -- each one less than "dhkp".)  This
bug caused all my MOBs to wander into death trap rooms, causing a (divide
by zero?) crash.

I can't figure out why the player affect flags are working properly but the
MOB flags are off.  Any suggestions is most appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

--Robert Moon.

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