Re: [STRANGE]: Clan Patch

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 04/27/99

> but from what I saw, if you can get it to work, it is definitely worth
> putting in - the fullscreen editor it has is damned good :) But I'm not
> sure what BPL it was intended for... I tried it on BPL 14 and had those
> problems... other people manage to get it working?

I've been running I guess what'd be classed as "bpl12.5" (mainly cause it
does the job, and I'm too busy atm to upgrade ;)), and I've toyed with
each and every clan patch publically available.

Each has it's advantages, and disadvantages.  The Oasis-style one is good
for ease of use (menus are always good), but it has the bugs outlined in
previous messages by far.

My personal preference is the command line based one --- Originally
written by Mehdi Keddache, and updated a bit by (I think) Chuck Reed.
Basically, if you take Chuck's improvements to save_char_file_U (I think),
as well as a few of his updated clan functions and throw that into
Mehdi's, you have a pretty darn good clan system.  Throw in there clan
resign, clan descriptions (plans/bio's/whatever), etc, and you really
can't go past it.

They work fine on bpl12...anything after that I assume would need some
care and affection --- trivial stuff really for a good mortal drawcard.

ObCircle:  Well not really, but anyhow --- I'm after what's known as
"HyperMail", the *NIX mailing list archiver ---> the link on Jeremy's page
ceases to function, so I was wondering if anyone knows where one can
download it?


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