Re: OasisOLC

From: Chris Gilbert (
Date: 04/24/99

Talon Karrde wrote:
> I have patched this into a stock bpl15 code and found that when
> I go to edit an existing object the MUD will crash,
> But when i go to create a new object, The code will allow me to do it.
> As I do not have a great knowledge of coding, I am not asking for help on
> how to fix it, I am just letting people know that there was an erro in the
> code. I am attempting to fix the problem over the next couple of days.
> But maybe this will help to locate the problems before the official release.

That problem is related to the way that add_object is called, it puts
into the item_number the vnum of the object, this isn't replaced in
add_object so you get objects with the wrong rnum, what you need is a
line like:

xobj->item_number = i;
before the
copy_object(&obj_proto[i], xobj);

It's probably worth noting that this is a pre-release and most of it
works, some areas don't work out of the box, medit is an example of how
to crash your mud quickly, oedit doesn't copy over the extra_desc in the
copy_object_strings func, if you look through genwld.c you'll find a bit
where it copies the extra descs for the rooms, just cut and paste this
across into copy_object_strings (the place to paste it is obvious), and
rename the vars.

I wouldn't recommend anyone putting this on a production or builders
site as it will break.  I know medit and oedit can be got to work (I've
got working versions)  but I've not looked at the other edits yet.  I am
sending the bugs and fixes back to George.  I should probably post them

Overall v2 looks to have a better way of working, by using the gen*.c
files you can probably create an editor in any form you like :)


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