worse olc trouble

From: Christopher J. Bottaro (cjb9@mail.utexas.edu)
Date: 04/27/99

i dled 3.0bpl15 about a month ago.  i've done a lot of work to it codewise.
 multiclassing, races, traps, abbreviations, blah blah, etc etc.  tons of
stuff.  so the problem is now, is it too heavily edited to patch with OLC?
and also, outta all those many OLC versions i see in the contribs section
of the ftp site, which do i choose with pl15?  also, i'm running on win98
with msvc++, but i got this patch thing program that runs in dos that
allows me to use those .patch files.  i tried running some patch of OLC (i
forgot which), but tons of the patches failed (only like 2 files patched
cleanly) and the patching by hand seemed kinda overwhelming...=(

thank you

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