Re: [CODE][SNIPPET] Exp Tables (Circle30bpl15)

From: Phil Durand (
Date: 05/02/99

> > I dont know if you all feel the same way as I do, but I got tired of
> > adding to the level_exp table array after 150 or so levels........
> > So I wrote a little thing to shorten the job.
> A better solution, IMHO, is to make each level actually worth something.
> That is, make getting to the next level a real achievement and reduce the
> number of levels.  You don't need thirty levels if it takes six months to
> get to level fifteen.  And you don't end up looking exactly like all the
> other DIKUs around.  I think a fifteen level MUD that requires both
> experience and quest points to achieve each level would be much more
> enjoyable than a 200 level MUD.  And probably more challenging and
> fulfilling.

That is a VERY good point! Instead of just having the ALREADY USED way of
leveling... EXP, create more factors to leveling... Maybe a certain object
that needs to be brought somewhere (adding quests to level) or maybe having
some additional points somewhere. In my mud, I've got 4 different sets of
points that need to be achieved before a level can be gained. And it isn't
gained as soon as you reach those numbers, you need to go to the Wise Man
and he will raise you (there is a wise man in each of the main race cities)

If you think of a good plot, and create a large world, there will be more
room for expantion of the game, including the LEVELS... Instead of "Oh today
I killed 500 of the same enemies, and I gained 26 levels! YAY!" go for the
"I brought the silver vial to the Oracle in the mountain, and she gave me
250 tokens, so that I could use my 500000 experience to get to my next

Now the later I think is much more insteresting to use! =) If anyone
disagrees, well... what can I say!

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