[CODE] IN_ROOM & the new DG_Scripts Patch

From: Phillip Cowan (pcowan@ASAPINTRA.NET)
Date: 05/06/99

Hey, all

     I have just added the DG_6_to_7.Patch for dg_scripts to my Circle30bpl15
MUD, and I have traced an issue to this problem.

     DG_Scripts added this line to the equip mob area of reset_zone in db.c:

     case 'E':   /* object to equipment list */
      if (!mob) {
 ZONE_ERROR("trying to equip non-existant mob, command disabled");
 ZCMD.command = '*';
        if ((obj_index[ZCMD.arg1].number < ZCMD.arg2) &&
           mob_load && (number(1, 100) <= ZCMD.arg4)) {
        if (ZCMD.arg3 < 0 || ZCMD.arg3 >= NUM_WEARS) {
          ZONE_ERROR("invalid equipment pos number");
        } else {
   obj = read_object(ZCMD.arg1, REAL);
+   IN_ROOM(obj) = IN_ROOM(mob);
       if (wear_otrigger(obj, mob, ZCMD.arg3))
     equip_char(mob, obj, ZCMD.arg3);
            obj_to_char(obj, mob);
          tobj = obj;
   last_cmd = 1;
      } else
 last_cmd = 0;
 tmob = NULL;


     This then triggers this error in equip_char in handler.c:
          if (obj->in_room != NOWHERE) {
            log("SYSERR: EQUIP: Obj is in_room when equip.");

     So now I get thousands of those error messages and also I assume my mobs
are not equiped.
     Here's what I did to fix this.  I just comented out this in db.c and the
error codes go away.
        /* IN_ROOM(obj) = IN_ROOM(mob); */

     So, of course, my issue then is this.  Why is the code in there?  Do I need it?  By
commenting it out, is this going to affect other areas I have not seen yet?


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