Re: [CODE] IN_ROOM & the new DG_Scripts Patch

From: Xual (
Date: 05/07/99

On Fri, 7 May 1999, Phillip Cowan wrote:

> Hey, all
>      I have just added the DG_6_to_7.Patch for dg_scripts to my Circle30bpl15
> MUD, and I have traced an issue to this problem.
>      DG_Scripts added this line to the equip mob area of reset_zone in db.c:
> +   IN_ROOM(obj) = IN_ROOM(mob);
>    load_otrigger(obj);
>      Here's what I did to fix this.  I just comented out this in db.c and the
> error codes go away.
>         /* IN_ROOM(obj) = IN_ROOM(mob); */
>      So, of course, my issue then is this.  Why is the code in there?
> Do I need it?  By commenting it out, is this going to affect other
> areas I have not seen yet?

I ran into the same problem, used the same solution, and so far have
not noticed any adverse effects.  I sent the bug report right to Mark,
but he's not exactly sure why the line was added either.  I plan to do
some more testing this weekend; I'll post if I discover any problems.

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