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Date: 05/07/99

'fraid to tell you this, but I already reported both the bug and the
fix... last year.

Check the list archives :)

Recap of the true problem:
The stats always load as 0 because the affs are saved after the
stats.  Which means as they are cleared to 0 during load_char,
(real_abils), the aff_abils are set to the right values ... and are
promptly cleared when affect_total is called after all the affects have
been added to the loaded character.

My solution is provided in the archives.  Summary: load  the affects into
a temporary structure, set real_abils = aff_abils, then copy the affects
over and call affect_total.

Do get some rest George ...
Ugh... back to my OWN English paper.

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> Anyway, you may see cases where your characters stats get zero'd out
> sometimes, and it comes from the fact that Str/Dex/... are all loaded ONLY
> into the aff_abils structure on the character (the macros point to aff_abils).
> If a spell is cast on you and it wears off, your stats become zero because
> your real_abils are nada.  To correct this bug, add a ch->real_abils =
> ch->aff_abils after each stat is loaded.

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