Re: MUD updating from pl12

From: Zeavon (
Date: 05/07/99

On Thu, 6 May 1999, Roger Smith wrote:

> I would like to final update my messy MUD code to the most recent patch
> level (maybe i'll do it when pl16 comes out), but I have a question.
> Should I patch 12->13->14->15->16 or is that the same as downloading a stock
> 12 and a stock 16 and then making my own patch comparing those two
> patchlevels?  I hope my question is understandable.  :)

You'll want to go 12->13->14->15->16

Also... Since you called your code "messy", I would be willing to bet that
most of the patches will reject, so you'll be stuck doing it by hand. With
that much work involved, I would grab a stock copy of the bpl that you
want to move over to and open up your code in one window and the stock bpl
in another window and start comparing code.

And don't make the blind mistake of just copying changed code from the bpl
to yours. I did that from bpl 12 to 13 and it trashed some stuff that I
had changed in another part. Took an hour or two to figure out what went

One last thing... Backup all of your stuff before doing something like
this. You'll be a happier camper if you do so.

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