3000th Message Anniversary

From: Tony Robbins (tonyr@pacific101.com)
Date: 05/06/99

Since I've now seen over 3000 messages since I joined the list, I decided to
provide the following bug report for ASCII Pfiles 2.0b!

Heh, yes, I realize that's a dorky reason to provide a bug report, but I just
finished my english paper, and I need something... :P

Anyway, you may see cases where your characters stats get zero'd out
sometimes, and it comes from the fact that Str/Dex/... are all loaded ONLY
into the aff_abils structure on the character (the macros point to aff_abils).
If a spell is cast on you and it wears off, your stats become zero because
your real_abils are nada.  To correct this bug, add a ch->real_abils =
ch->aff_abils after each stat is loaded.

And George, now that you're done with coursework, at least take a week off and
relax :P


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