George has free time for once

From: George Greer (
Date: 05/06/99

Since classes are now officially over I no longer have to bounce between
Hamilton, Middletown, and Cincinnati constantly.[1]  So I'll probably have
more time to dequeue a lot of the bugs in CircleMUD, work on OasisOLC v2 a
bit, and probably finish the DG script integration finally.

Quick list of things (rough order)
1) OasisOLC v2-pre bug work.[2]
2) CircleMUD bug quishing. (bpl16 in 1-2 weeks)
3) DG Script/OasisOLC integration.
4) Database Parser 2 - rewrite[3]
5) glib proof of concept
6) buffer v2 with glib
7) General web site work

I don't know when Jeremy's classes end so don't expect the same increase in
presence from him just yet.

Ow, this cat has claws.

Time for my 14 hour celebration nap.

George Greer            | CircleMUD Snippets   |

[1] Up to 120 miles per day going at worst, C->H->M->H->M->C.
[2] No new reported bugs lately, neat-o.
[3] Ugh.

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