Request for Opinions

From: Richard Jolitz (
Date: 05/25/99

Greetings All.

I'm considering setting up a mud as sort of a Mud University.  The concept
is to give people who want a place to come learn to build to have a mud
they can apply to and be able to start learning the basics without being
under the pressure to produce.

Please keep in mind that this is a work in progress, so the levels, etc,
are just there as "place markers"

The idea would work something like this:

Level 1: access to redit.  Would be given a zone of about 10 to 15  rooms
to develop into an area.  Would have to be complete with extra descriptions
as necessary.

Level 2: access to medit/mset.  Would then be able to add mobs to this area.

Level 3: access to oedit/oset:  Would then be able to create objects for
this area.

Level 4: access to doing progs for adding to the mobs, objects, and rooms.

Each step would be overseen by myself or those I'd add to the staff who'd
work with these folks.  Once done, they'd be able to use me/us as a
reference to a mud they've done.

If this works, I might consider using this for coding as well, but leary of

I"d welcome any opinions on this, email is preferable to  Or am I off my nut here?

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