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From: John Hines (
Date: 05/26/99

On 26 May 99, at 13:06, Patrick Dughi wrote:

> > I'm considering setting up a mud as sort of a Mud University.  The concept
> > is to give people who want a place to come learn to build to have a mud
> > they can apply to and be able to start learning the basics without being
> > under the pressure to produce.

>         It's a nice idea, but perhaps a bit idealistic.  Most mud admins
> do enjoy having a bit of experience for their building staff, but it still
> comes down to a different layout/option/rule set from anywhere else.  Any
> head builder that I know of will also want to have their own restrictions
> on a developing a zone, and aside from that, the individual balance of
> each mud is a learned thing.
>         What do you get then, from a mud university?  A mental stretch
> for writing skills maybe?
>         No offense, but I don't think it will be a place that gathers much
> traffic.

Well I have a much different opinion. I have opened up my mud to
all levels of experience. I have some very good builders with
experience. Alot of the unexperienced builders are people that
never had the chance to even try to build because of some head
builders minimum qualifications.
The new builders that I do have working away are for the most part
willing to deal with a higher quality standard because of those
standards. Also, we dont set limitations on age either. We have
some good zones produced by people age 12-18. These people for
the most part are totally unconsidered for a maturity thing.

I lay out the rules first thing. Tell all new builders people get
respect and you get it in return anything less and cya!
Also I lay down the quality standards proper grammar and spelling
a must. If they need help with such things I have an english major
and 2 very educated builders with good experience that are always
there to help out.
My current staff of builders is about 12. Maybe about 6 are
basically inactive but have done some good work.
As with any builders experienced or not you have to get through 50
to get 1 or 2 quality builders. Opening up your mud will get the 2 of
50 that never even knew they could build. Also will enable you to
train them to your standards without standards from other muds
getting in the way.

A newbie may be inexperienced but always consider the options.
Give people a chance and for the most part I think they will give
you 180% and alot of the time will spend most of thier freetime on
there editing away.

I have one builder with about 4 weeks of experience. he just
finished up a 200 room zone complete with about a dozen nicly
written triggers (DG).
He never had the chance to build and I gave it to him. He spends
about an avg of 6-8 hours building per day. (and socializing too :) )
He also has mapped out an additional 600-800 rooms worth of
future plans for zones and is currently working on a map image for
our future website.

long winded post comming to an end

I support all levels of people. I would even consider newbie coders
as well. I have 4 coders on staff.
me age 30 another age 28 another age 20 and one age 16
all do very nice work. and everyone is learning a good deal

I am selfish and put this mud of mine up for my enjoyment. I really
dont care if i open or not or if i have another on the staff
i am sharing my enjoyment with people i have met over the time
and since then we have grown up quite a bit
now i am pushing to get this mud open for my staff more than
myself. I still dont care about players either it is always something
i can look back on in a few years and say i made that with the help
of my friends its an accomplishment that i can be very proud of
wether or not i have builders coders or players
as long as i enjoy myself
the mud is a hobby that is also a learning project

long winded post ends here

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