Ascii pfiles 2.0b (Test Please)

From: Jason Berg (
Date: 06/09/99

I just finished patching the Ascii Pfiles patch into stock circle and am
attempting to track down this bug witht the 3 letter names and ran across
another couple of bugs in the code that I would like to see if anyone else
has come across.  They are simple to fix but they are in do_show and do_set
(and possibly others) and these functions are not used very often so it
could have escaped detection.
Please try to do the following and respond if it crashed or not.

show player <playername>
set file <playername> <set something>

The code for load_char under the pfile system takes a char_data pointer but
the pointer in both cases is set to NULL before calling load char causing a
page fault (under Win98 MSVC5.0++).

If no one has caught these bugs I will work out a fix for the rest of them
and will continue to hunt down the name bug.

Also for some reason under MSVC5.0 I come up with a DESTROY error when
attempting to free memory in fbclose() from the Ascii PFiles.  I believe
it's failing the heap check but am having trouble tracking this one down.
Ignoring the error, however, does not seem to cause any problems and I
haven't seen it overwrite any of the heap between malloc and free.  Also for
some reason I can not build a release version of circle.exe - only a debug
version.  If anyone can spare info on why this might be happening I would
appreaciate it.

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